Help for riders to return

A riding centre near Much Wenlock is offering lessons specifically aimed at people keen to return to riding after losing confidence. Wenlock Edge Riding Centre in Hughley has devised a course especially for riders who haven't been in the saddle for some time - and already has a star pupil. Maddy Brown had ridden all her life to an exceptional standard, taking part in the incredibly arduous sport of endurance riding, but whilst breaking in a young horse she had a fall and was badly injured. "Having ridden and competed for such a long time it was hard to accept that I had lost my nerve," said Maddy. "I still had horses that I wanted to ride but I lacked confidence following the fall. I couldn't ride for six years and then, on my 60th birthday, I decided my present to myself would be to take riding lessons. "I went to Wenlock Edge Riding Centre with the aim of being able to ride my two horses Kate and Missy once again. "I started last October and by this spring I was riding my older horse Kate - and now I'm riding Missy, who is a very sprightly Arab. "I have my confidence back completely. At Wenlock Edge Riding Centre, the approach is so friendly and relaxed, I was able to take things at my own pace without anyone pushing me - and now I'm back to where I was, riding my beautiful Arab Missy with no worries at all."

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